The "new" electricity is here to provide you with discounts day and night!

Energy Family Plus Night

You can now ensure up to 12% better supply charges for your household's electricity (regular meter), on your total day and night consumption (night meter), without changing at all your consumption profile nor your habits.

In addition, you can enjoy up to 21% discount compared with the standard electricity supplier by paying on time your bills. For more information click here.

Select Energy Family+ Night and ensure
  • Discounts in comparison with what you were paying for your household's electricity (as a customer of the market's basic supplier) till today
  • Fixed charges per kWh
  • A pricing policy WITHOUT FEES nor other supply charges
  • Easy and straight forward calculation of your household's electricity cost
  • Access to the broad myelpedison services portfolio, which simplify your daily life, whether on-line or through your mobile

 The Energy Family+ Night competitive prices are:

Product Ζone Μonthly Fee

Energy Price
Day - €/kWh

Energy Price
Night - €/kWh

Energy Family

Through-out the year



Prior to VAT, any other applicable taxes and levies

For more details, please refer to the ELPEDISON Pricelist and the General Supply Terms, in the section of 'Become our Customer'.

The Regulated Charges are common for all Energy Suppliers, as approved by the Ministry of Energy and are applied on top of the competitive charges, on your monthly energy bill.

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