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Energy Family Product Line

Now you can select the Energy Family product that best matches the electricity needs of your household, also depending on the type of meter you have.

You may select among
  • Energy Family, for those of you who wish to economically cover the day electricity consumption needs of your home
  • Energy Family Night, for those of you who make significant night consumption (you have a night meter) and you want competitive charges
  • Energy Family Simple, for those of you who wish to enjoy the cheaper night charges (you have a night meter), anytime of the day, without restrictions and strict time-schedules 
The Characteristics of Energy Family Product-line
Τhe Energy Family product you will select
  • adds value to your household, without any limitations nor consumption tiers
  • is based on a simple charge per kWh
  • does NOT include fees

In addition, you can enjoy up to 23% discount compared with the standard electricity supplier by paying on time your bills. For more information click here.

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