Timely Payment of Bills

ELPEDISON, except offering competitive charges for your supply, announces a significant additional discount compared to what you paid till now rewarding you for a Good Payment Behavior with an additional 10% discount to 15% discount depending on customer's type.

  • What are the conditions to get ELPEDISON’s Good Payment Behavior Discount?

  • The conditions, in order to get ELPEDISON’s Good Payment Behavior Discount, are:

    - To be a Residential or Business Customer whose program includes the specific type of discount (based on your supply contract).

    If you are a new customer, in a promotion associated with the timely payment discount ELPEDISON accounts, then the discount's validity - if you promptly pay your bill - begins after the period of the promotion.

    - To pay your current bill on time

    The discount does NOT apply to customers who already enjoy privileged tariffs as customers eligible for the Social Residential Tariff, the Solidarity Services Tariff, the Extreme Poverty program or any other discount through ELPEDISON’s promo for the duration of the promo discount is applied.
    • What does “timely payment of bills” mean?

    • In order to get ELPEDISON’s Good Payment Behavior Discount you have to pay your current account no later than the expiration date.
      • Which kind of bills should I pay on time?

      • You have to pay all your bills on time (on account & clearing) in order to get the discount.
        In case of residential customers or business customers with Energy Premium/Plus 1 & 1B, only upon payment by the due date of all “on account” and “clearing” bills, the discount will be given.
        In case of monthly clearing bill (Energy Premium / Plus 2 & 2B), you have to pay on-time the current account.
        In case any of the bills is not paid on time, the discount will not be given.
        • What amount of the bill must be paid on time?

        • In order to get ELPEDISON’s Good Payment Behavior Discount, the amount of TOTAL PAYMENT appearing on your bill has to be paid on time.
          • In which charges the “Good Payment Behavior” discount applies?

          • The Good Payment Discount of ELPEDISON applies only to the Supply Charges of your clearing bill which has been paid on time, and appears as “Discount for on-time payment” on the bill after the clearing.
            • In which bill the ELPEDISON’s Good Payment Behavior applies?

            • The calculation of the ELPEDISON’s Good Payment Behavior is always conducted on each “clearing” bill that has been paid on-time and the amount of the discount in € appears on the first bill after the “clearing” (whether “on account” or “clearing”).


              In the case of a Residential customer who has paid timely all the “on account” bills as well as the “clearing” one, the Good Payment Behavior discount will appear on the next issued bill.

              In the case of a Business customer with an “Energy Premium/Plus 2 or 2Β” product where a “clearing “ bill is issued every month, by paying on-time each bill, the Good Payment Behavior will appear on every next bill.

              The Good Payment Discount cannot be calculated on an “account” bill since this bill contains only an estimated consumption (not the actual one).

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