ElectricityBusiness 1 Fixed

For those of you who are looking for really economical and fixed charges for your business, ElectricityBusiness 1 Fixed is the reliable and flexible solution you are looking for. Simply, clearly, without conditions!

The program is aimed at commercial & industrial enterprises with a total agreed supply power of up to 25 kVA (Γ21).


Thanks to the ElectricityBusiness 1 Fixed plan, you enjoy all the following benefits:

  • Very low electricity charges
  • Zero fixed charges
  • 10% discount for the entire duration of your contract
  • 10% discount when you pay your bills on time
  • Fixed charges, without any adjustment
  • No conditions for providing discounts, since they are addressed to all customers
  • Clear charges, no matter what you consume
  • Return of the guarantee if the payment is made by standing bank order
  • High quality electronic services with the myELPEDISON app
Supply Charges
Monthly Consumption
Energy Charges after 10% Discount (€/kWh)*
Energy Charges before 10% Discount (€/kWh)*
≤ 1.000kWh/month
 > 1.000kWh/month

*Prices from the 1st kWh

The ElectricityBusiness 1 Fixed programme has no fixed fees

Before VAT, other imposed taxes and levies

Good payment behavior discount is applicable after the expiration of “Extra discount 10% until contract expiration” period
Energy charges apply from the 1st kWh. Charging rate is defined based on the average 30 days consumption as it is calculated proportionate on each clearing bill

    • See the terms of ElectricityBusiness 1 Fixed program
    To get ElectricityBusiness 1 Fixed:
    Necessary supporting documents
    Photocopy of ID card or passport of Legal Representative

    The latest electricity bill from the previous Supplier or the Network Connection Agreement with HEDNO for a new installation

    For Natural Persons: Commencement of Business or General Commercial Registry Certificate 

    For Legal Persons: Corporation Charter οr General Commercial Registry Certificate

    Lease finalized through TAXIS or Proof of ownership 

    Electricity meter reading