ELPEDISON HomeRepair Service

Damages can occur anytime. ELPEDISON is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with HomeRepair service , to offer you immediate technical assistance for every home technical damage! 


The HomeRepair Emergency Technical Assistance service covers damages related to:

  Locks   Loss or theft of keys, or inoperability or permanent damage of the main entrance lock of the premises covered by the service

  Electrical Installations   Interruption due to power failure, fuse change, socket and switch repair, or operating the HEDNO meter switch. 

  Plumbing Installations   Broken pipes or valves, repair or replacement of a bathroom faucet, wash basin, or sink, repair or replacement of a floating valve in a cistern and unclogging a toilet bowl or sink.

  Natural Gas Installations   Total failure of the natural gas supply system inside the house, rendering it uninhabitable.

  Window Glass   Broken glass of exterior doors or windows due to flooding from plumbing damage, fire, burglary, or natural disaster.


Which is the procedure that I should follow in case of emergency technical damage?

In case of emergency technical damage you should call 2119909096, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, mentioning:

· Meter ID

· Name/Surname

· TIN Number

Useful information about the HomeRepair service

The HomeRepair service covers Emergency Technical Assistance Insurance at Home and:
· Covers the technician's commute, labor and materials cost up to €80 per visit.
· Allows you to call a technician to repair damage up to 2 times per specialty and up to 5 times in total during one year of insurance.
· Offers nationwide coverage.
· Applies to new customers who maintain a contract of electricity supply with a Γ1/Γ1Ν meter or natural gas supply with an autonomous residential meter with Elpedison.

Click here for the general terms of the HomeRepair service.

ELPEDISON’S HomeRepair service is provided in collaboration with Eurolife FFH Insurance Company.