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ELPEDISON has formulated the Energy Premium product range for your business - commercial or industrial - connected to Low Voltage, with an agreed capacity equal or less than 25 kVA, offering standardized and competitive charges that can reduce the cost of your business' electricity.

By joining ELPEDISON, you ensure that somebody else thinks on your behalf!

ELPEDISON will provide to you the product Energy Premium 1 or Energy Premium 1B, depending on your consumption profile and type of meter, offering you a simple and straight forward charging.

On top, ELPEDISON provides you with expert Customer Support, able to respond to any energy related concern you may have, as well as with friendly services that facilitate your everyday business life.

Furthermore, by selecting for your ELPEDISON bill to be paid through a Standing Order, you can get back the guarantee from your current electricity supplier and use it as you wish, without any need to give it to ELPEDISON.

The Energy Premium Product Characteristics
The Energy Premium 1 or Energy Premium 1B product your Business will get registered to

  • adds value to your business, without any tiers or level restrictions
  • is structured based on a simple charge/kWh
  • does NOT include any fixed fees
  • does not include any power charges
  • ensures transparency regarding the application of the Supply Contract Terms

The Energy Premium products for Professionals
ELPEDISON’s Energy Premium product portfolio for Professionals include:

  • Energy Premium 1, for those of you who are a Low Voltage commercial customer, with a connection up to 25 kVA
  • Energy Premium 1B, for those of you who are a Low Voltage industrial customer, with a connection up to 25 kVA

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