Basic Pricelist - Business

Units with capacity up to 25 kVA:

Basic Pricelist Business 1

Energy Charges (€/kWh)


Monthly Fee

0,50 €

Good Payment Discount


Units with capacity from 25 kVA up to 250 kVA:

Basic Pricelist Business 2

Energy Charges (€/kWh)

0,10100 €

Monthly Fee

0,50 €

Capacity Charge (€/kW/month)

1,00 €

Good Payment Discount



Units with different needs between day & night, independent of their capacity:

Basic Pricelist Business 3

Energy Charges Day (€/kWh)

0,13500 €

Energy Charges Night (€/kWh)

0,07850 €

Monthly Fee

0,50 €

Good Payment Discount


Before VAT, any other applicable taxes and levies.

The Regulated Charges are common for all Energy Suppliers, as approved by the Ministry of Energy and are applied on top of the competitive charges, on your monthly energy bill.

- Energy charges could be adjusted from the supplier, based on the variations of the energy market cost for the interconnected system.

- An increase of eight percent (8%) on the above basic pricelist, will be applied on the customers of the last shelter service.

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