Supplier of Last Resort Service – Basic Pricelist

The Electricity Supplier of Last Resort (ESLR) is the Supplier who is obliged (under Law 4001/2011, Government Gazette A 179 of 22 August 2011) to supply Customers, who are not represented by any Supplier, due to the fault of their most recent Supplier, which has led to them being removed from the Register of Electricity Market Participants (E/E). This way, the continuation of the electricity supply of their real estate is ensured.

Coverage of customers by the Supplier of Last Resort is obtained automatically, requiring no action on their behalf, namely requiring no signing of a Supply Contract or payment of a guarantee. The supply of electricity is temporary and for a maximum period of three (3) months from the date of commencement of customer representation by the ESLR, as defined by the System Operator, so that customers have sufficient time to conclude a new Supply Contract with the Supplier of their choice.

The consumptions of the customers that have been included in the Last Resort status are invoiced, according to the “Basic Tariff Pricelist” of ELPEDISON.

Click here for the “Basic Pricelist” of residential customers.

Customers will be charged for the services provided by the Supplier of Last Resort by issuing and sending a Consumption Bill. In addition to the charge for the energy supply services provided, the Consumption Bill also contains the Regulated Charges, the corresponding taxes and the Charges payable to third parties in line with the applicable legislation.

After the end of the quarter, if the customers in question have not concluded a Supply Contract, the following takes place:

• Small Customers (Home customers and non-Home customers with power of up to 25kVA) automatically switch to the Universal Service Provider, without having the power supply to their properties interrupted.

You may enter into a Supply Contract with a Supplier of your choice at any time and leave the ESLR at any time. The termination of the electricity supply from the ESLR takes place immediately following the activation of the Declaration of representation to your new Supplier, as this day is determined by the competent Operator and is notified to the ESLR, to the new Supplier and to you.

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