GasHome Flex - Individual Supply

ELPEDISON designed the new GasHome Flex product for household meters with autonomous natural gas supply.

By choosing the GasHome Flex program, you have:
  • 15% discount on natural gas  for 2 full years without conditions!
  • Zero Guarantee for Direct Debit Payments!
  • 3% return on their total billed amount when paying via Eurobank €pistrofi card.

Combine GasHome Flex with any electricity product and secure an extra 20% of gas on time with a Double Energy Home Flex offer!

  Monthly fee                                              
                                 Supply Charge GasHome Flex (€/kWh)
Type of gas supply price calculation in € / kWh = [The arithmetic average of the mid-point of the month ahead bid prices and the month ahead offer prices for gas for delivery in the Pricing Month at the TTF in euro/kWh for each trading day on which the Pricing Month is traded as the “Front Month”, as published by ICIS Heren in “European Spot Gas Markets” under the heading “TTF Price Assessment”] + [0,012 € / kWh]

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In order to get on of the GasHome Flex:

  • Call 18128
See the relevant price lists here.

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