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"Switch on to New Energy" - Interview by the Company's CEO to INSIDER Magazine

Agency: INSIDER Magazine

"Switch on to New Energy" - Interview by the Company's CEO to INSIDER Magazine

1. ELPEDISON is the result of the collaboration among three experts in the energy sector: Hellenic Petroleum, Edison and Ellaktor. Could you please describe ELPEDISON’s business activities in the energy market, through ELPEDISON Power and ELPEDISON  Energy?
ELPEDISON, with its sister companies, ELPEDISON Power and ELPEDISON Energy, represents today a leading force in the fields of energy production and energy supply, respectively.

ELPEDISON Power is the first independent energy producer in the Greek market, having invested more than € 520 m. in its two (2) natural gas fired power plants, located at Thisvi of Viotia and Thessaloniki, with a total installed capacity of 820 MW. ELPEDISON Power uses exclusively natural gas, following a production process which is considerably friendly to the environment. 

ELPEDISON Energy is considered today the reliable alternative energy supplier in the country and the serious alternative to the incumbent. It covers the electricity needs of both residential and business customers, whether commercial or industrial, through its Energy Premium and Energy Plus product ranges. It provides attractive energy prices, effective and  high quality customer support and adding value energy services. 

ELPEDISON Energy also operates in the energy wholesale trading segment, performing cross-border energy exchanges between the Greek system and the neighbouring interconnected countries of Italy, Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria and Turkey.

2. How environmentally friendly is ELPEDISON’s energy production process?
For ELPEDISON, the creation of value is based on the ability to pursue economic objectives while steadily reducing environmental impacts, thereby meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders.

ELPEDISON’s investments in its two (2) natural gas fired power plants at Thisvi and Thessaloniki prove the Company’s focus on a sustainable development model. This long-term model is based on
• Activities that protect the air quality, climate, soil, subsoil, nature as well as  the surrounding landscape
• Activities that minimize the noise, the vibrations and the electro-magnetic fields
• The management of surface effluents
• The on-going use of specialized training programs which increase the awareness of our employees and external contractors¨.
To this effect, ELPEDISON has implemented its Environmental Policy within its Integrated Management System, according the EN ISO 14001:2004 standard and has documented and applied appropriate procedures and work instructions for its operations and facilities.

Moreover, ELPEDISON has put in place measures and controls for measuring and reducing the impact of its operations to the environment, avoiding and minimizing risks, as well as treating any factors and circumstances that may lead to pollution or other incidents.

3. What is the product proposition offered by ELPEDISON and how does it match the different needs of the business and residential customers?
At ELPEDISON, we evaluate the customers’ needs and we propose them the product offering that best matches their energy needs, consistently with our strong focus and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our objective is to provide all our clients energy products at attractive prices, exceptional customer support and innovative energy services.

To the business customers connected to the Medium Voltage, we offer standardized energy products, through the “Energy Plus” product portfolio as well as customized propositions, always depending on their consumption profile. To the business customers connected to the Low Voltage, we provide different propositions through the “Energy Premium” Product range, offering competitive prices and high quality services.

To the residential customers, we offer the “Energy Premium Home” product and the “Energy Premium Home Night” product, without any tiers or/and limitations, catering for the households’ day and night consumption needs.
In all cases, our objective is not simply the coverage of our customers’ energy requirements but the establishment long-term relations with them, independently from the volume of their consumption, always on the basis of integrity, consistency and reliability.

4. At a macro-level, how does ELPEDISON promote the economic and social progress, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in the Country?
At ELPEDISON, our philosophy emerges from the fact that we are involved in something greater; we work for the man himself, promoting the economic and social progress along with the quality of life, in a hospitable environment, with sufficient energy for all. 

The responsibility we have towards the local communities, where we live and operate on a daily basis, is inextricably tied to our Company’s culture and philosophy. Under this context, ELPEDISON tries always to cover any recruitment needs for its two (2) power plants from the local labor market.

Furthermore, ELPEDISON supports crucial areas for the welfare of the society, such as Health and Education. It provides critical technological infrastructure to local schools, sponsors repair works to local educational institutions and gets dynamically involved in matters, with which local communities are concerned. Also, it offers the necessary resources and equipment to children related Institutions.

On top, we ensure that we contribute also from our side to the cultural awareness of the Greek citizens by sponsoring significant and well-targeted cultural events, creating opportunities for the spiritual uplift of the Country.

5. ELPEDISON represents one of the largest private energy producers in the Greek market as well as one of the most reliable and competitive energy suppliers. What are your short and mid-term objectives?
Our objective at ELPEDISON is to continue being a leading player in the energy production market in Greece. As far as the energy supply market is concerned, we will keep on serving both residential and business customers, increasing dynamically our market share while continuing to provide competitive energy products, value adding energy services and high quality customer support.

In parallel with our business operations, we will persist to contribute to the liberalization and full opening of the Greek energy market, always for the benefit of the end-consumer. 

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