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ELPEDISON INAUGURATED ITS NEW CORPORATE KIOSK AT THE 84th TIF On Saturday September 7th, ELPEDISON inaugurated its new corporate kiosk, in the context of the 84th TIF, with the presence of the Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr. K. Chatzidakis, while the Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy Mr. G. Thomas, and the Deputy Minister of Interior for Macedonia and Thrace, Th. Karaoglou, were also present. At the same time, Mr. K. Mandalianos, Mayor of Kordelio – Evosmos, Mr. S. Kiartzis, member of ELPEDISON BoD, representatives of Northern Greece local government, associations, cooperators and company employees, also attended the ceremony.

With its new corporate kiosk at the 84th TIF, ELPEDISON further enhances its annual dynamic presence at the International Fair, aiming at highlighting the innovative, socially responsible and strong presence in the energy industry. The visitors of ELPEDISON corporate kiosk have the chance to get informed about ELPEDISON and its activity, the new Electric Mobility and charging services, ELPEDISON Green, as well as to see in first person the “Smart” EV Charger, for ELPEDISON home clients.

Furthermore, through the new corporate kiosk, the company gives the opportunity to visitors to “run” for a good cause, participating in an interactive running game. Through this running game, ELPEDISON will collect an amount of money, which will be donated to ELEPAP Thessaloniki, supporting the NGO’s work.

ELPEDISON participates in the Fair for one more year with its commercial Mobile Shop, aiming at informing its current and new clients about the company’s electricity and Natural Gas competitive products. At the same time, the visitors will be informed about the company’s innovative energy services, such as Smart Home, ELPEDISON Security, while the will also have the opportunity to participate in “ELPEDISON Big Contest”.

During his short speech, ELPEDISON CEO, Mr. N. Zachariadis, mentioned that, “ELPEDISON is the first company in Greece which created combined cycle production units. Our clients are more than 170.000 and today we are the biggest alternative electricity vendor after PPC. We circulate 10% of the Natural Gas in Greece for 2019, and 15% of LNG.” He also highlighted, “ELPEDISON enters the electric mobility sector and we already provide complete, innovative services for our clients, while regarding the future, the company, goes through its development strategic plan with consistency, having already announced new investments for Thessaloniki region”.

The Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr. K. Chatzidakis stated, “ELPEDISON and all the other businesses in the energy sector are our businesses, because they create job positions, they serve Greek consumers and contribute in the country’s development. While he added, “Our intention is to free the energy market without any delays and adopt the soonest possible the target model, ensuring the best prices and service for industries and citizens.”

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