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ELPEDISON and Public, together within the energy services market

ELPEDISON and Public, together within  the energy services market
Public, the No. 1 Greek retail chain of technology and entertainment products with 47 stores in Greece, and ELPEDISON, the Alternative Electricity Supplier with the largest portfolio in terms of number of customers, announced their new collaboration today. With the slogan "Ενέργεια για να κερδίζεις διπλά”, the collaboration is based on the three-pillar “variety-economy-ease” and offers ELPEDISON’s energy products coupled with special offers by Public, providing added value and real benefit to Public’s customers.

ELPEDISON, the 1st independent power producer in Greece, with a presence in the market since 2005, is the result of the collaboration among three major energy Groups, Hellenic Petroleum, Edison and Ellaktor.

ELPEDISON’s energy products are offered in Public stores throughout Greece (Mytilene is currently excluded) and are coming to further strengthen the existing portfolio of economy products and services already offered by Public, providing the consumers with the savings they need in their everyday life.

ELPEDISON’s Commercial Director, Mr Stathis Vovos, stated that "Our partnership with Public, the No. 1 Greek Retailer in technology and entertainment products, demonstrates that we want to be next to the consumers, giving them the opportunity to become ELPEDISON’s customers in one of the 47 chain stores, so that they can benefit from the competitive electricity charges and the innovative services offered by ELPEDISON, as well as by the enhanced customer service and product variety offered by Public".

The Commercial Director of technology products and services in Public, Mr Yiannis Simos, stated that «We are proud of our new opening in the energy market, through the collaboration with one of the most important and reliable energy companies, ELPEDISON. The energy products which are available in our network provide another solution to our visitor who looks for savings, since he now can take advantage of a discount of up to 31% on his electricity bill and may also obtain 31€ voucher for his favorite products only in Public. In Public, we combine more than 700.000 products and services with special prices and offers, by providing integrated solutions, which transforms us into a one-stop-shop. For the Greek consumer, who is looking for real economy in energy consumption for his household or business, a visit to Public is, from now on, a one-way».

Aiming to the best customer service, the fully qualified sales representatives of Public will offer customers personalized solutions for the energy products that will allow for the maximum saving, according to their needs. Interested consumers can become ELPEDISON’s customers, by simply presenting their identity card and the original clearing electricity bill, electronically or in a copy.

The collaboration between Public and ELPEDISON takes into account both the liberalization of the Greek energy market, which is expected to drastically change up to 2020, following the country’s liberalization target, and the growing consumer need for alternative, cheaper electricity solutions and advanced services.

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