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“Green” Service by ELPEDISON!

“Green” Service by ELPEDISON!
ELPEDISON, the first independent energy producer that exclusively utilizes natural gas for the power generation and the largest alternative electricity supplier for businesses and households, counting more than 70,000 customers, cares about the environment and now offers its business customers the "Green Certificate" service.

The "Green Certificate" service is based on the Guarantees of Origin system (GOs), designed by the European Commission and managed by the Greek Market Operator (LAGIE).

ELPEDISON’s business customers, who have acquired the "Green Certificate" service, will obtain for every megawatthour (MWh) of electricity consumed, the same amount of Guarantees of Origin, which ELPEDISON secures via its Shareholders who produce energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

ELPEDISON, through the Guarantee of Origin Program, contributes to the financing of new Renewable Energy Sources. Furthermore, through the "Green Certificate" service, ELPEDISON assists its business customers to strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility while reducing their energy footprint.

Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, that currently procures its electricity for all its sites from ELPEDISON, has already selected the "Green Certificate" service since it is fully aligned with the high goals it has set, in order to minimize its carbon footprint related to its activities, within a timeframe leading to 2020.

ELPEDISON's "Green Certificate" initiative is part of the Company’s strategy for a more sustainable development and the supply of green energy to the society. ELPEDISON will soon announce new “green-minded” services for both households and businesses, reinforcing end-consumers’ green consciousness, with the ultimate target to make them reduce their energy consumption costs while reducing their footprint on the environment.

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