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ELPEDISON in the Retail Natural Gas Market

ELPEDISON in the Retail Natural Gas Market
ELPEDISON, the first private energy producer exclusively with natural gas and the largest electricity supplier in the country for business and households, announces its entry in the Retail Natural Gas market. ELPEDISON is the only vertically integrated player, operating both in the production and supply of electricity that enters in this market, in order to cover holistically the needs of the end-consumers.

Representing already large customers connected to the Natural Gas Medium Pressure, ELPEDISON since the 1st of January 2018 has also entered the Retail Market, having already added to its portfolio both residential and commercial customers connected to the Natural Gas Low Pressure.

With the new complete product line ELPEDISON GasHome for Households and ELPEDISON GasBusiness for Professionals and Businesses, ELPEDISON comes to dynamically cover, in the best possible way, the different needs and usages of its clientele, which has trusted ELPEDISON all these years for their supply of electricity.

Furthermore, ELPEDISON addresses all new customers, who wish a reliable supplier with a sound know-how and experience in the broader energy market as well as gas customers, who are looking for a provider that can effectively cover their needs for both gas and electricity, reducing their total cost of energy.

To be noted that ELPEDISON has on top formulated a dedicated offer for all it new gas customers, related to the maintenance of their natural gas boiler, so as to render even more attractive the already competitive prices that it offers for the gas supply, thus reinforcing end consumers within the current adverse economic situation they are going through. ELPEDISON’s target is to always be next to the customers, with products at the most competitive prices, effective customer service and innovative services that facilitate their everyday life.

As characteristically ELPEDISON’s CEO, Michel Piguet, has stated, “At ELPEDISON, the customer is the central axis of all our operations, whether related to the Production or the Supply of Energy. With ELEPDISON’s entry in the Retail Market of Natural Gas along with the supply of electricity products, we are now offering the most integrated proposition for the coverage of the energy needs of every household and business of the country, based on the significant know-how of our Shareholders, the experience of our People, always with consistency and reliability.”

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