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ELPEDISON launches its new Energy Monitoring & Management Service

ELPEDISON launches its new Energy Monitoring & Management Service
ELPEDISON, the first private energy producer using exclusively natural gas and the largest alternative electricity supplier for businesses and households, formulated its new Energy Monitoring & Management Service for business customers, for the monitoring of their energy consumption and its proper management.

ELPEDISON’s Energy Monitoring & Management Service is an important tool for businesses, assisting them in better understanding their electricity needs and consumptions profile, so as to more effectively manage their energy consumption. The service’s ultimate objective is to help clients consume only the energy required to meet their business needs, leading to an overall decreased energy cost.

Precisely, with ELPEDISON’s Energy Monitoring & Management Service, customers can have remote data collection of their electricity consumption in real time, either for a whole facility or for specific production sections, access to useful information via a web interface, automated notifications – alarms, alerts – in case specific measurements have exceeded the limits pre-set by the customer along with intelligent reporting and data analytics.

In this context, business customers get in their hand all information that is necessary to better manage their energy consumption, augment the efficiency of their infrastructure, optimize their productivity, increase the life of their technical equipment, reduce their energy and maintenance costs and, thus, decrease their overall impact on the environment.

ELPEDISON's Energy Monitoring & Management Service is offered through a simple but holistic solution developed by the Company, based on a considerably customer-centric approach to augment the user experience. This 360° solution includes the installation of the necessary equipment, an on-line real-time monitoring platform with an easy and friendly user interface, technical support as well as the ability to provide Energy Consulting services upon customer request.

ELPEDISON's Energy Monitoring & Management service is part of the Company’s new service portfolio that help customers in optimizing their energy consumption, therefore, reducing their energy costs and environmental footprint. Furthermore, the service pertains to ELPEDISON’s broader strategy for being a driving force in Energy Efficiency and contribute to the challenging national goal for 20% energy savings by 2020 (DIRECTIVE 2012/27/EU – GR Law 4342/2015).

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