Two state-of-the art Natural Gas fired Energy Production Sites

The Power Plants

ELPEDISON has produced so far in 2011, through its two privately-owned power plants, at Thisvi and Thessaloniki, 3.2 million MWhs, which correspond to the 10% of the total production of the thermal and hydro units of the interconnected system.

With a total installed capacity of 820 MW in its portfolio, ELPEDISON is the  first Independent Energy Producer in the Greek market.

The Thessaloniki  Plant

Active since 2006 and with a 400 MW installed capacity, the power plant in Thessaloniki has achieved three firsts:
  • it is ELPEDISON’s first privately-owned energy source
  • it is the first large-scale private investment in the Greek energy sector
  • it is the first independent gas-fired power electricity production unit Greece.

The total investment for the plant’s construction - including peripheral works for connection to the high voltage grid and the gas network – reached the amount of € 250 mil.
The plant’s operation is based on the Combined Cycle method that optimizes its performance factor and offers the most efficient conversion of the energy generated from natural gas, into electricity. At the same time, the Combined Cycle method offers significant financial and environmental benefits.

The plant has been designed according to the latest and strictest international regulations. It fully complies with the Greek and European legislations both technologically and environmentally wise.

In terms of growth and development, ELPEDISON’s  plant in Thessaloniki  contributes significantly to the coverage of the country’s electricity requirements and assists the Greek State plan in promoting Thessaloniki to an energy junction with  Southeastern Europe.

The Thisvi Plant

ELPEDISON has been managing the 420 MW, natural gas combined cycle power unit located in Thisvi, Viotia, since the completion of its construction, in summer 2010. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, the unit combines maximum performance with minimal environmental encumbrance, thus not affecting the area’s microclimate.

Specifically, its smart energy management prevents temperature increases and minimizes the emission of polluting gases (NOx, CO2 emissions). Moreover, the system’s air-cooled condenser reduces water consumption and hinders its potential return to the sea, leaving both the atmosphere and the Corinth Gulf zone almost untouched.

Thisvi plant is staffed by a team of specially trained personnel, mainly being local residents from the Livadia, Thiva and Thisvi areas. In order to further support the local economy, ELPEDISON searched within the local labor market in order to cover positions in the plant’s cleaning, transportation and supply services, fulfilling its commitment for reinforcing local communities.

The design and construction of the power plant lasted almost 3 years and absorbed an investment of 275 million euros, including the connection to the high grid and the gas network. During the construction of the Plant, there were more than 250 people, on average, working on the site on a monthly basis, while during the peak of the construction period, the corresponding number exceeded 700 people. Overall, only within the site, more than 1.650.000 employee hours had been dedicated.

The ultramodern plant facility is located on 100 acres of private land in the industrial zone of Thisvi, which operates under a context of clearly defined boundaries and land uses, approved street plan and infrastructure, thus ensuring both the minimization of any environmental impact and further industrial development.

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