Health and Safety in the Workplace

ELPEDISON’s mission is to provide its customers with high quality energy services, working in collaboration with its suppliers on the development and deployment of technologies that are the most efficient, environmentally friendly and compatible with occupational health and safety requirements.

Furthermore, the adoption of management systems that comply with international standards demonstrates ELPEDISON’s determination to go beyond mere regulatory compliance. The Company promotes a policy of continuous improvement, with a beneficial impact on the development of a safety culture, at all levels of the organization.
For ELPEDISON, the Health and Safety of its employees is as of utmost importance.

ELPEDISON has pledged to achieve high levels of H&S standards, continuous improvement of H&S Performance Indicators and compliance to applicable legislative provisions, for the prevention of incidents which might result in human injury or illness, damages to infrastructure, property, equipment or the environment as well as in large scale accidents.

To this effect, ELPEDISON has implemented within its Integrated Management System, its Occupational Health & Safety Policy, according to the certification we have been awarded, based on the ISO 45001: 2018 - Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

 In brief, ELPEDISON tries always to ensure:
the implementation of H&S legislative provisions
the development of an effective and appropriate H&S Management System
the appropriate and adequate training for all involved personnel, so as to increase their H&S awareness
a Top-Down involvement in the H&S policy implementation
the application of HS requirements and specifications to each person employed by ELPEDISON and working on ELPEDISON’s premises and infrastructures
clear, measurable, realistic and timed H&S targets
the optimization of resources used and the promotion of the usage of renewable resources and recycling
the periodic review of the H&S Management System and actual H&S Policy in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the Company’s operations and the minimization of non-conformities, if any, to the relevant standards and requirements.
Towards this end, ELPEDISON has formulated a practical Health & Safety Manual, in both Greek and English, which is handed out to all our personnel as well as to our collaborators and visitors, who enter into our power plants. Our target is the continuous and integrated information to all parties involved, regarding the Company's H&S practices and procedures. 

Furthermore, ELPEDISON caters for the education of all its personnel on issues related to providing "First Aid", through dedicated seminars that take place on a regular basis by the Company Physician. These seminars also include practice on a real scale human mock-up.
The ability to offer First Aid in emergency cases, whether in the business environment or in other places, on the street, in a public place, at home, constitute an action of major responsibility and solidarity towards our colleagues and neighbors.

 On 29th of September 2015, ELPEDISON has been the Winner in the Energy Industry category of the “Health & Safety Awards 2015”, getting the 1st Prize Award.

Precisely, ELPEDISON declared ZERO accidents of the Company’s and Contractors’ personnel, for more than 5 years, having developed its own dedicated Integrated Management System, which has proved to be a true adding value tool in the everyday work-life of the Company’s employees.
This distinction is a recognition of the efforts of the Company’s employees while, at the same time, it encourages ELPEDISON to aim even higher in the future.