Our Focus on the Environment and Energy

At ELPEDISON, we believe that looking at the sky, enjoying the sun and feeling the air, are some of the most important things in life. This is why all of our corporate and industrial activities are conditioned with the principles of green growth and sustainability, seeking a viable tomorrow, within a better, energy-autonomous environment.

For ELPEDISON, the creation of value is based on the ability to pursue economic objectives, while, steadily reducing environmental impacts, consistently with a sustainable development approach, thereby meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

ELPEDISON’s investment in natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel for power generation, is only the beginning. Renewable Resource technologies and applications will follow. The promotion of sustainable development is pursued in both ELPEDISON production sites, in Thessaloniki and Thisvi, through:

The adoption of state-of-the-art environmental management systems
Activities to protect air quality, climate, soil, subsoil and nature as well as  the surrounding landscape
Activities to minimize noise, vibrations and electromagnetic fields
Management of liquid and solid waste, focusing on separate collection and recycling
Implementation of design activities that focusing on energy performance improvement
Ongoing use of programs to train and increase the awareness of employees and external contractors

To this effect, ELPEDISON has implemented within its Integrated Management System, its Environmental and Energy Policy, according to the certificates we have been awarded, based on the EN ISO 14001:2015 Standard and EN ISO 50001:2018