Who we are

Having inherited the expertise, know-how and technology from its parent companies, HELLENiQ ENERGY and Edison, ELPEDISON is the energy company that understands the market in depth, identifies all critical impacting factors and always acts with the end-consumer's benefit in mind.

With its two privately-owned, natural gas fired combined cycle power plants ELPEDISON commits itself to one of the most environmentally friendly electricity production processes. At the same time, the combined cycle state-of-the-art technology used in both ELPEDISON’s power plants, ensures the most efficient use of fossil fuels, achieving an efficiency of about 56%.

With its high caliber personnel, ELPEDISON identifies the exact needs of its business and residential customers and proposes the product that best meets their differentiating needs while reducing their electricity and gas consumption cost.

Today, ELPEDISON is a leading company both in electricity production and supply, and gas supply. It aspires to always be one of the most important players in its sector, offering energy services of the highest quality, at competitive prices, with stability and consistency.


No. G.E.MI. 9246101000

VAT NUMBER. 999717970

No. Register of Participants: 29XTHESSALPOWERA

No. Natural Gas Supply License: RAE Decision no. 1095/2017