Business Development

Career describes our journey through life, learning and work. It is important that employees take the right steps to develop their careers – a process that requires skill, knowledge and the right attitude. By constantly developing their professional skills, employees bring added value to both themselves and the companies for which they work.  

In this context, ELPEDISON has designed a comprehensive Career Path framework that defines the paths and roles available to each employee, along with the necessary requirements for the realization of a particular career move within the organization.

By developing a Career Path Framework, ELPEDISON enhances employee commitment, as it addresses an employee’s need for growth within the company. This also fulfills our strategic objective of having the right people in the right positions, while utilizing their full potential and skills. The Career Path framework offers multiple benefits to both the organization and its employees by:

Promoting a culture that fosters high performance, continuous improvement and development.
Guaranteeing transparency and clarity on the available career options for each employee and defining the actions and skills needed in order for them to develop their career.
Enabling better utilization of employees' knowledge, skills, and capabilities through promotion, internal transfers, enrichment of working tasks, etc.
Increasing employee commitment. 
Improving the ability to attract and retain top talent: A strong career-planning program can play a critical role in the Company’s effort to bring in and retain the right people for the right jobs and career levels.
Ensuring business continuity through the timely staffing of positions by utilizing internal talent pools.
Further improving the Company’s overall performance and financial results.