Employee Training

In the context of creating a new learning experience for ELPEDISON employees, ELPEDISON has designed a Training Operating Model to optimize the learning and development process. Our objectives are to:
Support the smooth integration of new employees into the company’s culture and way of operation.
Ensure that employees have the space they need in order to develop all the necessary skills and expertise, excel in their roles, and meet or exceed company standards. 
Build a common language and culture among employees according to the company’s expectations.
Enhance necessary competencies for employees to achieve outstanding performance and develop as professionals.
Strengthen leadership skills and ensure business continuity.
Increase employee engagement.
Create a competitive advantage for the entire organization, based on its expertise.

In addition, our Company has created the ELPEDISON Training Academy, whose aim is to provide the requisite learning so that the company can achieve its business objectives and all employees can become more competitive, and develop both personal and professionally.