Health and Safety at Work

ELPEDISON's mission is to provide our customers with high-quality energy products and services. Together with top-quality suppliers, we develop and implement technologies that are effective and adhere to professional Health and Safety requirements. 

Enforcing management systems that comply with international standards demonstrates our commitment to going beyond simple compliance with existing regulations. We promote a policy of continuous improvement, with a positive effect on the development of a safety-first mindset, in every aspect of our operation.

At ELPEDISON, we consider the health and safety of our employees to be of the utmost importance. To this end, we have developed a specific Health and Safety Policy. We are committed to achieving a high level of Health and Safety, as well as continuously improving relevant performance indicators, while complying with applicable legislation. Our goal is to prevent incidents that could lead to injury, illness, or large-scale accidents.

In short, our priority is always to ensure:

Full compliance with the Health and Safety legislation.
The development of an appropriate and effective Health and Safety System.
Sufficient and effective training of all our employees aiming to increase their awareness of relevant issues.
The participation of all ELPEDISON people without exception in the Health and Safety Policy.
The formation of specific Health and Safety requirements and specifications for all employees, whether they work in the offices or the company's facilities.
The definition of clear, measurable, realistic, and planned Health and Safety objectives.
The systematic review of the Health and Safety Management System so that our activities are constantly improved, and any incidents of non-compliance with the relevant rules are minimized.
The systematic review of the Health and Safety Management System and the existing Policy so as to guarantee the continuous improvement of our activities and the minimization of any cases of non-compliance with the relevant specifications and requirements.