€pistrofi Eurobank Loyalty Program

ELPEDISON participates in Eurobank's loyalty program ‘€pistrofi’ to help you earn even more, each month.

€pistrofi is the only reward program that returns euros instead of points. You earn €pistrofi euros every time you use in your daily transactions at 8.500+ affiliate merchants Eurobank credit & debit cards that participate in the program. Find out more about €pistrofi and which Eurobank cards participate in the program here.  

In ELPEDISON, you earn 1% €pistrofi on the total billed amount, using Eurobank cards every time you pay your monthly bills* at ELPEDISON service points, elpedison.gr and myELPEDISON app.

Furthermore, in ELPEDISON physical stores, you can pay settle your bills by redeeming the €pistrofi euros you have collected, thus paying less or nothing at all.

*This is valid for monthly household bills worth up to €300. Standing order payments are excluded.