ELPEDISON launches the non-binding Market Test for the project “Thessaloniki FSRU”

ELPEDISON is launching the non-binding phase of the market test for “Thessaloniki FSRU” project. Following the approval by RAEWW of the guidelines for the non-binding phase of the market test, all interested parties are invited to express their interest in contracting capacities and services at the new LNG Terminal.
Thessaloniki FSRU is a major new LNG terminal comprised of two vessels one FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) and one FSU (Floating Storage Unit) located at 4,4 km offshore the subsea pipeline landing point.

The two vessels (one FSRU and one FSU), will have a combined storage capacity between 250.000 m3 and 280.000 m3, while nominal regasification capacity will be approximately 150 GWh/day 

Thessaloniki FSRU a new flexible and secure natural gas entry point to the country, due to its strategic location will contribute to the security of gas supply in Northern Greece as well as to the entire South-East European region and will enhance congestions’ management in the National Natural Gas Transmission System.

Companies interested in expressing non-binding interest for services and capacity in the terminal have 25 business days to submit the documentation required for the Non-Binding Phase of the Market Test. All necessary information, instructions and documents for the procedure can be found at ELPEDISON’s website, www.elpedison.gr.

The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is: 12/01/2024.

All necessary documents for the participation to the non-binding phase of the market test can be found bellow:

Invitation Letter
Τhess FSRU_Non-Binding MT Guidelines