ELPEDISON, the 1st independent Energy Producer in Greece and one of the biggest, most reliable, and friendly Alternative Electricity and Natural Gas Suppliers, has emerged from the collaboration between two Energy Groups: HelleniQ Energy, one of the largest commercial and industrial energy Groups in Greece and South-Eastern Europe, and Edison, the longest-running energy company in Europe and the largest private energy company in Italy. Thanks to the knowledge and experience we have inherited from our parent companies, we aspire to always be a leading company in our sector, have a prominent role in power generation, while offering high-quality and innovative energy products and services with stability and consistency.

ELPEDISON’S two privately-owned power plants in Thisvi (Voiotia) and Thessaloniki, with a total installed capacity of 820 MW, use natural gas and ensure a clean, continuous electricity flow based on a highly environment-friendly power generation process.
ELPEDISON offers a range of professional development opportunities in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
At ELPEDISON, our people are our top priority. We strongly believe that our personnel is the driving force in everything we do, everything we are, and everything we aspire to be.

We value Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Customer-Focus and Safety, and are looking for the same attributes in people interested in joining our team.

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