What changes are coming as of 01/01/24 in electricity?
  • What does the end of emergency measures and discontinuation of the monthly prices measure mean?

    In the context of a series of emergency measures, which were determined by the Ministry of Energy under article 138A of the Law 4951/2022, as of January 1st 2024, the announcement of monthly prices on every 20th day of the previous month shall cease. Specifically, the latest announcement of monthly prices concerns the prices of December 2023 announced on 20.11.2023.

    At the end of the above procedure, based on a new legislative regulation by the State (article 17 of the Law 5066/2023), each Supplier sets a Special Electricity Supply Tariff for Electricity Customers who were subject to the regulations of article 138A of the Law 4951/2022 (price announcement on the 20th of the previous month) for customer category. The new Special Tariffs will start from 01.01.2024 and, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, will last for one year until 31.12.2024. After the end of its term of validity, in case the Customer does not select any of the Commercial Programs available, it is accepted by the Customer that the latter will automatically be switched to the charges of the Commercial Program "ELPEDISON Smart".
  • What changes in electricity tariffs as of 01.01.2024 and why?

    As of January 1st 2024, all customers who had a product with a pre-announced price on the 20th of the month, automatically switch to the Special Tariff set by the State (article 17 of the Law 5066/2023, Decision No. Ministry of Environment and Energy/eGovernment Directorate/120637/2107).

    Customers have the right to object and not switch to the Special Tariff by the 31st of January 2024. This means that customers can choose to switch to any other product they wish among those commercially available.

    Finally, as of 01.01.24, each commercially available product, depending on the category to which it belongs, will be specially marked. Read more about the new markings in the questions below.
  • What are the new electricity tariff markings and what do they mean?

    Four distinct product categories are created, which will be offered by all suppliers without exception.

    • Green marking for the Special Tariff, as defined by the State, in which the supplier will announce the Final Supply Price by the first day of the month of application, i.e. consumers will know every 1st of the month the price they will pay for the month of consumption.
    • Yellow marking for Floating Products. This category includes electricity products with variable supply charges (€/kWh), the price of which varies according to fluctuations in the wholesale electricity market. These are either pre-announcement or outturn price announcement products.
    • Blue marking for Stable Products with fixed-term. These products have a stable supply price (€/kWh) for the period of validity of the contract.
    • Orange marking for Dynamic Products. Dynamic products include tariffs whose price changes based on intraday wholesale electricity market prices. A prerequisite for offering these tariffs is the installation of a smart meter.
  • How do I know which product I have joined – category/colour I have joined?

    As of 01.01.24, the new markings for each category of available product will come into effect. This special marking will be reflected in the contract of your product, on the product pages of elpedison.gr, in the advertisements you will see and on the bill you receive each month, either by mail or e-bill.
    Regarding your bill, you will be able to find the corresponding marking colour next to the payable amount on its first page.

    Each Electricity Supply product is marked according to the following colour markings:

    • Fixed-Term Stable Price Products are marked in blue
    • The Special Tariff of the Ministry in green
    • Other floating price supply products in yellow
    • Dynamic pricing products in orange
  • I switched to the Special Tariff, for what reason? Can I change product if I wish?

    Customers who have not chosen a different product and have not objected to switching to the special tariff by 31st January 2024, automatically switch to this tariff.

    Therefore, in case you decide that you do not want to remain on the Special Tariff, you have the option to choose the product that suits your needs.

    From 01.12.2023 to 31.01.2024 you can object to go to the Special Tariff and at the same time choose the ELPEDISON Smart product here.
  • How are the charges in the Special Tariff formed as of 01/01/2024?

    The Supply Charge of the special tariff will result from a stable part (Basic Supply Price) and a floating part (Fluctuation Mechanism), and will be reflected in the electricity consumption bill as a single price (Final Supply Price).

    The final price of each month will be announced on our website as well as on the corresponding website of the Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water (RAEWW) by the 1st day of each month of consumption.

    In detail, in the Special Tariffs, the charges consist of:

    • The monthly fee
    • Final Commission Charge, which will include the Basic Commission Charge, the Fluctuation Mechanism and any additional discount announced each month
  • What is the formula for calculating the Final Charge Price in the Special Tariff?

    The formula is described below:

    In the formula for calculating the Final Charge Price, a Fluctuation Mechanism has been introduced that depends on the Electricity Market Clearing Price of the previous months.

    -Final Supply PriceM: The sum of the Basic Supply Price & the Fluctuation Mechanism for the month M, in €/MWh
    -Basic Supply Price: Price in €/MWh (stable for at least 6 months)
    -The fixed fee & discounts may change every month with an announcement on our website and information about this change in the 1st bill that follows
    -MCPΜ–1: The Price that includes the Electricity Market Clearing as published in the Hellenic Energy Exchange for the month M-1, expressed in €/MWh
    -MCPΜ–2: The Price that includes the Electricity Market Clearing as published in the Hellenic Energy Exchange for the month M-2, expressed in €/MWh

    Fluctuation mechanism:
    a: Coefficient freely chosen by the Supplier
    b: a * (MCPM-1 – MCPM-2). It is obtained by multiplying the coefficient a by the difference of the previous month's MCP (MCPM-1) reduced by the MCP of the previous month (MCPM-2). The coefficient b shall be assigned a zero value for the first month of application, i.e. January 2024
    -Lu and Ll: The limits of the security area, within which the fluctuation mechanism is not activated and therefore the Supply Charge is formed on the basis of the Base Supply Price.

    When and how is the Fluctuation Mechanism activated?

    -If the MCP is outside the limits, the bill reflects the amount that will result from the fluctuation mechanism
    -Zero charge, when the variable MCP is between the lower and upper limits

    What is MCP?

    MCP is the market clearing price of the Energy Exchange's Day-Ahead Market, which is published daily on an hourly basis on the website of the Hellenic Energy Exchange. The arithmetic mean value of these MCP prices shall be used to calculate the variable charging part, shall not be determined by the supplier and shall be common to the whole market. Depending on the monthly rates of the MCP, the fluctuation mechanism and the subsequent possible credit or debit to your bill are adjusted.

    Example of how to calculate the final total energy charge for August 2023:

    Indicative consumption: 300 kWh

    MCPJuly: 0.11268 € / kWh

    MCPJune: 0.09149 € / kWh

    Total energy charge for August 2023:

    Fluctuation mechanism charge:
    1.3115 x (0.11268 € / kWh – 0.040) + 1.3115 x (0.11268 € / kWh - 0.09149 € / kWh) = 0.12311 € / kWh

    Energy charge: (0.089 € / kWh + 0.12311 € / kWh) x 300 kWh = 63.63 €

    Fixed fee charge: 5 €

    Total energy charge for August 2023: 68.63 €

  • How will the supply charge be reflected in the electricity bills of the Special Tariff?

    In the consumption bills related to the Special Tariff, suppliers are obliged to reflect uniformly the Final Supply Price, per billing month.
  • When will I be informed about the energy price I will pay in the Special Tariff?

    As of 01.01.2024 the Final Supply Price of the special tariff will be announced every month in advance, by the 1st day of the month, on our website as well as on the corresponding website of RAEWW. For example, on 01/02/2024 the price applicable for February 2024 shall be announced.
  • I belong to a Social Tariff; will I continue to receive the discount?

    That's right, the Social Tariff discount is maintained as usual for all eligible customers.
  • How can I choose which product I want to switch to?

    From 01.12.2023 to 31.01.2024 you can state your objection to join the Special Tariff and at the same time select the Elpedison Smart product here.
Useful Forms
  • What are the Forms that could be useful to me?

    For the Revocation of Electricity Supply Application, click  here

    For the Meter Check Application, click  here

    For the Bill Dispute Form, click  here 

    For the Consumption Data Information Form, click here

    For the Meter Representation Declaration Form, click  here

    For the Customer Representation Authorization Form, click here

    For the Low Voltage Supply Contract Denouncement Form, click here

    For the Medium Voltage Supply Contract Denouncement Form, click  here

    For the Supply Contract Amendment Application Form, click  here

    For the Request and Complaint Submission Form, click  here

    For the Power Disconnection Authorization Form, click here

    For the Meter Disconnection Authorization Form, click  here

    For the Electricity Services Document, click  here

    For the Natural Gas Revocation Form, click  here

    For the Standing Order Deactivation Request Form, click here.

    For the Solemn Declaration regarding Authorization, click  here

    For the Solemn Declaration regarding Arrears Settlement, click  here

    For the Solemn Declaration regarding Lack of Lease, click  here

    For the Solemn Declaration regarding cohabitants, click  here

    For the Solemn Declaration regarding the building administrator, click here

    For the Solemn Declaration regarding "Vacation Home Promo", click  here

    For information on the Social Residential Tariff, click here
Update from TEIRESIAS S.A. and other Bodies
  • How can I be informed about the processing of personal data from TIRESIAS S.A.?

    For information regarding the processing of personal data from TIRESIAS SA, click  here.
  • Which institutions can I contact for the resolution of out-of-court issues?

    The out-of-court dispute resolution bodies are:
    Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE)
    In case of violation of the institutional framework by the Supplier, the consumer can submit a reasoned complaint before RAE under article 34 of Law 4001/2011
    Consumer Advocate
    General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection
Electricity Market Deregulation
  • What are the "Communication Principles with a Customer" that ELPEDISON follows, when communicating with its customers or/and promoting its products?

    The "Communication Principles with a Customer" that ELPEDISON follows are defined in Appendix I of the New Supply Code for Electricity (GG B' 832/09-04-13). To read this Appendix, double-click  here.
  • What does the deregulation of the electricity market mean, and what are the benefits for consumers

    In practical terms, the deregulation of the electricity market means that consumers can choose the supplier that meets their electricity needs.

    Since 2007, the electricity market has been liberalized for all consumers. 
    Thus, consumers today are no longer obliged to purchase energy from the incumbent through regulated and non-negotiable rates. Now, throughout Greece, consumers have the right to choose the energy supplier they prefer and freely negotiate the energy prices, as well as the terms and conditions of the services received.

    The organization of the market after the deregulation, as per Laws 2773/1999 and 4001/2011, is briefly depicted in the following diagram:
Supplier Change
  • What is the required time frame for ELPEDISON to start supplying electricity to my home or busines

    The time required is up to one month after the approval of your application, and is subject to the Distribution System Operator procedures.
  • During the process of switching to ELPEDISON, is there a risk of temporary power outages?

    No, the transaction is purely commercial. The continuous supply of electricity is guaranteed by the Network Operator and there is absolutely no power interruption.
  • Are there additional charges if I choose an alternative electricity supplier?

    No, there is no additional charge. In addition, you do not need to make any changes to your meter or the electrical system of your home or business.
  • How can I switch to ELPEDISON?

    All you need to do is call the ELPEDISON Customer Service Department at 18128 & 2181818128*.
    *Local rate charge
  • What are the General Supply Terms that I have to sign if switching to ELPEDISON?

    To read the applying General Supply Terms, for the Low Voltage, please click here if you are a residential customer and here if you are a business customer.
  • Does ELPEDISON require a guarantee payment for Low Voltage Customers?

    For Low Voltage Customers, ELPEDISON requests a guarantee corresponding to thirty (30) days of consumption and is charged in 2 equal installments on the first two (2) bills received by the customer.
  • How does the guarantee appear on my account if I have chosen to pay by Standing Order?

    The display of the guarantee amount on ELPEDISON's account is necessary for accounting purposes.
    In case you activate payments by Standing Order (by debiting a bank account or debit/credit card), the amount of the guarantee is credited.
    If you choose to cancel the Standing Order, you become IMMEDIATELY liable for the payment of the guarantee.
Supplier of Last Resort
  • What does Supplier of Last Resort mean?

    According to Law 4001, the Supplier of Last Resort is the Energy Supplier obliged to supply electricity to customers who are not represented by any Supplier, due to the fault of their previous Supplier and not of themselves.
  • For how long is the Supplier of Last Resort obligated to supply customers who are not represented 

    The Supplier of Last Resort is obligated to supply electricity to unrepresented customers only on a temporary basis and for a period not exceeding three (3) months. During this time, such customers can negotiate electricity supply contracts with the Supplier of their choice.
  • Once transferred to the Supplier of Last Resort, when do I have the right to choose ELPEDISON as m

    You have the right to sign an electricity supply contract with ELPEDISON and become our customer at no cost within the three-month period you are with the Supplier of Last Resort
  • What happens to the payments and guarantees I have paid to the previous Supplier?

    At ELPEDISON, according to our current policy, we do NOT ask for a guarantee if the customer pays their bills by standing order. To become our customer, you must first settle any debt owed to previous Suppliers.
Network Issues
  • Who is responsible for consumption measurements?

    For the low voltage meters, responsible for the consumption measurements is the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, HEDNO-DEDDIE. For the medium and high voltage meters, the responsibility lies with the Independent Transmission Network Operator, ITNO, and the process of collecting measurements is automated.
  • In the event of a power outage, who can I contact?

    You should contact the Power Outages Service of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO-DEDDIE), which is responsible for the development, maintenance, and operation of the network.
Payment and Bills
  • How is the On-Account Bill calculated? 

    On-Account Bills are issued in cases where there are no indications for billing.

    The charge and depiction of on-account and clearing bills are the same with the following differences:
    The charged consumption is estimated and not actual
    There is no VAT or special tax. Tax 5‰ (Law 2093/1992)
    There is no charge for ERT
    The estimation of consumption for on-account bills is based on:
    The consumption data sent to the suppliers for each meter from the Network Operator (HEDNO) through ex-ante consumption archives
    Previous clearing bills issued by our company
  • How will I receive my bill from ELPEDISON?

    You can choose to receive the bill by:
    • Post, or 
    • Electronically, through ELPEDISON's e-bill service.
    For more information or to activate the e-bill service, click here
  • How many bills will I receive?

    You will receive a monthly bill from ELPEDISON, with the charges related to your energy consumption for your home or business, along with the municipality fees.
  • Is there any case where I might receive more bills? If yes, how many bills will I receive, and how these should be paid?

    According to the Commercial Policy of ELPEDISON (as also defined in the General Supply Terms), a consumer, based on the energy data received from HEDNO, the type of power supply, and the billing cycle, will receive a bill every month ("ON-ACCOUNT" or "CLEARING").
    An exception to the above rule is when a meter is being changed (by HEDNO), in which case ELPEDISON is obliged to reflect the change in two consecutive bills or the activation of a standing order. Thus, with the current bill, a credit equal to the amount of the guarantee is issued, or in the case of a corrective bill (after a relevant correction of the indications by HEDNO).
  • How frequently will I receive bills? How soon do I have to pay them?

    ELPEDISON issues electricity bills on a monthly basis. Each bill is payable no later than the last calendar day of the month it was issued.
  • Where can I pay my ELPEDISON bill?

    ELPEDISON offers different payment methods for your convenience. For more information, click here. 
Exemption from Municipal Charges
  • If I own a piece of property which is neither supplied by electricity nor used, do I have to pay the municipal charges?

    To be exempted from the cleaning and lighting charges that go towards the municipality, for the property in which the power supply has been interrupted, and which will not be used, you have to file a declaration at the relevant municipality, where you will also be informed about the terms of the exemption (art. 222, Law 4555/2018 (GG A’ 133/19.07.2018).
Green Energy
  • Do you provide "Guarantees of Origin"?

    ELPEDISON provides Guarantees of Origin through the ELPEDISON Green service for all its Low Voltage customers and the ELPEDISON Green Certificate service for its Medium and High Voltage customers.

    ELPEDISON Green and ELPEDISON Green Certificate are services that allow you to purchase “green” energy that is 100% produced from Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
Customer Support
  • What procedures does ELPEDISON follow for managing its Consumer Claims and Complaints?

    ELPEDISON adopts and implements the Code of Conduct for Consumer Claims and Complaints describing in detail the relevant service procedures, which you can access here.
Customer Settlements
  • Is it possible to settle my debts?

    At ELPEDISON, we offer our customers the possibility of debt settlement. The framework of the settlement is determined according to the amount of overdue debts of each customer. To agree on a settlement, the customer needs to contact the customer service department on 18128 & 2181818128* (Select option 9) or use the contact form provided here.
    *Local rate charge

    With regard to vulnerable customers, the settlement of their debts is defined by the current legislation (article 34 par. 3 of the Electricity Supply Code).
Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes
  • Online Dispute Resolution

    To resolve disputes related to contracts concluded electronically, you can submit your request online to the Electronic Dispute Resolution platform provided by the European Commission by clicking on the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EL

    This platform is available free of charge and provides the possibility to resolve disputes related to online purchases, with the help of an impartial dispute resolution entity [Regulation 524/2013 on online dispute resolution (ODR)].
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    You have the option of resorting to the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure for the out-of-court resolution of your dispute with ELPEDISON.

    Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures are regulated by:
    (a) KYA 70330οικ/30.6.2015 (Β΄ 1421) in adaptation of the provisions of Directive 2013/11/EU on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and

    (b) The Regulation 524/2013 for the electronic resolution of consumer disputes (Online Dispute Resolution – ODR).

    The Consumer Advocate is an alternative dispute resolution entity registered in the relevant register.

    The contact details for the Consumer Advocate are as follows:

    144 Alexandras Ave.,

    11471 Athens

    email: grammateia@synigoroskatanaloti.gr

    tel. 210 6460862, 210 6460814, 210 6460612, 210 6460734, 210 6460458

    Additionally, you have the right to appeal to the following entities:

    1. Regulatory Autority of Energy - Department of Consumer Protection

    132 Piraeus str., 11854 Athens, email: info@rae.gr, tel. 210-3727400

    2. General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection

    Kaniggos Square, 10181 Athens, email: 1520@efpolis.gr, tel. 1520
Faq List Title
  • Πώς γίνεται η κατάρτιση ενεργειακού προφίλ;

    Τα προσωπικά σας δεδομένα τα συλλέγουμε και τα επεξεργαζόμαστε, μεταξύ άλλων, για τον σκοπό της κατάρτισης του ενεργειακού προφίλ σας, προκειμένου να ανταποκρινόμαστε στις ανάγκες σας και να σας παρέχουμε τα κατάλληλα προϊόντα ή/και υπηρεσίες.

    Στο πλαίσιο της κατάρτισης του προφίλ, τα δεδομένα που χρησιμοποιούνται για στατιστική ανάλυση είναι η συμφωνημένη ισχύς της παροχής σας, ο τύπος της παροχής σας (οικιακή, επαγγελματική έως 25 kVA κ.λπ.), η διάρκεια του τελευταίου συμβολαίου σας στον εκάστοτε μετρητή, οι ενεργές προωθητικές ενέργειες που έχετε, η χρέωση που λάβατε το προηγούμενο μήνα, τυχόν καθυστερήσεις στις πληρωμές κατά τον τελευταίο μήνα και τυχόν παράπονα που κάνατε για κάθε μετρητή σας τον τελευταίο μήνα. Οι πληροφορίες αυτές θεωρούνται κατάλληλες για την κατάρτιση του προφίλ καθώς, χωρίς να σας κατονομάζουν, καθιστούν δυνατό τον στατιστικό εντοπισμό αλλαγής στη συμπεριφορά σας, κάτι που μπορεί να σηματοδοτεί την ανάγκη επικοινωνίας μαζί σας για την παροχή νέας προσφοράς, η οποία ανταποκρίνεται καλύτερα στις ανάγκες σας.

    Τα εν λόγω στοιχεία λαμβάνονται αυτόματα από τα συστήματά μας μια φορά κάθε μήνα και συγκρίνονται με τα αντίστοιχα των προηγούμενων μηνών, ώστε ειδικός στατιστικός αλγόριθμος να εντοπίζει μοτίβα συμπεριφορών και να τα συσχετίζει με τυχόν δυσαρέσκειά σας από τις υπηρεσίες μας την εκάστοτε περίοδο. Με τον τρόπο αυτό, έχουμε τη δυνατότητα να σας παρέχουμε τις υπηρεσίες μας με τον καλύτερο δυνατό τρόπο.