Tips on saving Natural Gas

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Tips on saving Natural Gas


If you have chosen natural gas for your home, here are some valuable tips on saving energy and reducing costs!

At first... Check!

Regularly check and maintain your boiler and gas appliances. Regular maintenance is not only mandatory by law, but also guarantees the safety and increased efficiency of all the devices.





Ensure that all heaters operate properly. Also ensure that water flow through regulators isn’t reduced or cut off all together.



Clean and bleed the heating network (pipes - radiators) for better efficiency and energy savings of up to 30%.




Lower the temperature!

Adjust the temperature on the thermostat so that it does not exceed 18OC – 20OC. For better temperature control, replace the old thermostat with a new-generation, digital models.





Do not set the thermostat on a high temperature while away. Instead, lower the temperature.




Control the temperature of each space using devices (e.g., thermostatic heads) placed on each radiator. A reduction of 1OC means about 6% of total energy savings. 


Lower the domestic hot water temperature so you don't have to cool the hot water generated by the boiler.



Some more tips…

  • Do not cover the radiators with curtains or other fabrics that prevent the heat from dissipating. Instead, leave the space around them obstruct-free.
  • Isolate any unoccupied spaces.

    When cooking:

  • Use cookware of the same size as the burner.
  • As the end of cooking time approaches, turn off the appliance to take advantage of the remaining heat on the burner.


By applying the gas-saving tips:

  • You protect the environment and help reduce consumption across the planet.
  • You consume less energy and enjoy reduced cost of heating and domestic hot water immediately.
  • You improve the level of comfort within any space.
  • You invest your money in a smart and productive way.
  •  By maintaining your heating system, you earn money through energy savings