GasBusiness Smart

If you have specialized natural gas needs, ELPEDISON covers them effectively, with the GasBusiness Flex program.


With the GasBusiness Smart program, you ensure: 

  • 120€ Gift
    The gift is payable in instalments over the term of the contract
  • Very low charges based on supplier cost with no adjustment clause and no other conditions or commitments
  • Return of the guarantee in case of payment by standing order
Supply Charges
GasBusiness Smart
Calculation Type (€/kWh)
Monthly Fee (€)
Variable energy charge, based on supplier cost "Κπφα"
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  • See the pricelist here 
  • Click here for the Delivery Charges for 2023
  • Click here for the Transport Charges for 2023
  • General Terms of the GasBusiness Smart program with a more detailed description of the charges
To get GasBusiness Smart:
Necessary supporting documents
Photocopy of ID card or passport of Legal Representative

The latest gas bill from the previous Supplier or the Contract with a Gas Distribution Company (GDC) network for a new installation

For Natural Persons: Commencement of Business or General Commercial Registry Certificate

For Legal Persons: Corporation Charter ή General Commercial Registry Certificate

Lease finalized through TAXIS or Proof of ownership

GDC Declaration-Authorization

Solemn declaration of non-existence of arrears

Photograph of the meter
not required for new connections or reconnections