Double Energy Building

If you need a solution that covers the needs of the apartment building, but also of your apartment in Electricity & Natural Gas, you have just found it! It's the Double Energy Building!

It is aimed at apartment buildings with a central gas supply.


Thanks to Double Energy Building, you win many times over, with:

  • Natural Gas kWh price lower by up to 5% (in relationship to the main supplier), with the GasHome program
  •  An additional 5% discount on the Natural Gas charge and on your monthly bill, with timely payment of your bill
  • Electricity with very low charges
  • A gift of €50 for the next maintenance and adjustment of your internal natural gas installation
  • View the terms of the Double Energy Building program
To get Double Energy Building:
Necessary supporting documents
Photocopy of ID card or passport of building administrator

The latest electricity bill from the previous Supplier or the Network Connection Agreement with HEDNO for a new installation

The latest gas bill from the previous Supplier or the Contract with a Gas Distribution Company (GDC) network for a new installation 

GDC Declaration-Authorization

Solemn declaration of non-existence of arrears

Minutes of the General Meeting of co-owners appointing the administrator or alternatively, Administrator’s Declaration

In case the apartment building has its own TIN: Certificate of Issued TIN and a record of the building’s representation

Electricity meter reading

Photograph of the natural gas meter
not required for new connections or reconnections