Double Energy Home Smart

If you want to combine electricity and natural gas for your home and benefit twice, then the Double Energy Home Smart program is made for you! Because it gives you a total gift of €220, while at the same time it does not include an adjustment clause!


By choosing the Double Energy Home Smart program, you enjoy:

  • Gift of €120 in Natural Gas on the 1st bill 
  • Gift of €100 in Electricity on the 1st bill
  • Very low charges without adjustment clause, without conditions
  • The lowest monthly fee
  • Return of the guarantee if the payment is made by standing bank order
  • 5% reward in go4more points on every bill payment, by using a NBG credit card
Supply Charges
Commodity Charges (€/kWh)
Calculation Type (€/kWh)
Monthly Fixed Fee (€/month)
Variable energy charges, based on supplier cost "Κπφα"
  • View the general terms of the GasHome Smart program with a more detailed explanation of charges
To get Double Energy Home Smart:
Necessary supporting documents
Photocopy of ID card or passport

Lease finalized through TAXIS or Proof of ownership 

The latest electricity bill from the previous Supplier or the Network Connection Agreement with HEDNO for a new installation

The latest gas bill from the previous Supplier or the Contract with a Gas Distribution Company (GDC) network for a new installation 

GDC Declaration-Authorization

Solemn declaration of non-existence of arrears

Electricity meter reading

Photograph of the natural gas meter
not required for new connections or reconnections