"The reliable and friendly electricity Supplier " - Interview by the Company's CEO

"The reliable and friendly electricity Supplier " - Interview by the Company's CEO

"The reliable and friendly electricity Supplier " - Interview by the Company's CEO to the "ENERGY & ECONOMY" magazine
1. What are the primary elements of ELPEDISON’s profile which you would like to “communicate” to the Greek buying audience?
"ELPEDISON, in all its communication interfaces with the customer, whether on the TV, Radio or the Print, but also over the Web and through its Customer Service, it conveys clear messages, always consistent with its market positioning; ELPEDISON is
a reliable provider, resulting from the collaboration of its 3 Shareholders, the highly accredited Groups of Helpe, Edison and Ellaktor, and
the friendly electricity supplier, standing next to the Greek consumer - whether business or household -, supporting him through highly competitive products that help him reduce his daily costs and through advanced services that facilitate his every-day life."

2. What are the most important milestones in the Company’s history, since its foundation?
"ELPEDISON’s history starts back in 2005, when its 1st CCGT Power Plant started its operation. The next important milestone was the initiation of ELPEDISON’s Supply Activity in early 2010. Finally, one of the most important dates is the merge of the Generation with the Supply/Retail company, allowing for a vertical integration, while establishing ELPEDISON as a major player in the Greek energy market, in the segments of power generation and electricity supply."

3. How do you judge ELPEDISON’s evolution in the Greek market? What are the customer segments where the Company has mainly focused till today?
"ELPEDISON has indisputably accomplished a successful path in the Greek energy market, till today. With its 2 power plants, at Thisvi and Thessaloniki, has an installed capacity of 820 MW, contributing to the coverage of the electricity demand within the Greek market and the security of supply of the Greek system. ELPEDISON is the Number 1 Alternative Supplier, since it represents the largest number of customers, from all market segments; it offers highly competitive energy products to the Low Voltage, whether business or residential clients, but also cost-effective products and customized offerings to the Medium Voltage clients."

4. What are ELPEDISON’s differentiating advantages vs the other alternative suppliers, thanks to which it has formulated its customer portfolio?
"ELPEDISON has been the 1st alternative supplier to supply the Greek retail market, in all its segments, getting to know the needs per customer group. Thus, with a deep understanding of the Greek energy market, strong know-how emerging from its mother companies, experienced personnel and solidly deployed internal systems, ELPEDISON knows how to best serve the differentiating customer needs, through well-structured products and promo offers, continuous focus on high quality customer support and a wide spectrum of friendly value adding services, via human interface, on-line or mobile."

5. What are the next steps for the Company?
"ELPEDISON aims to actively contribute to the absolutely necessary reforms of the Electricity sector in Greece, for the real liberalization of the market and the removal of distortions that hamper the development of true competition, with the ultimate target being the offering of lower cost electricity to the end-consumers. Furthermore, ELPEDISON, leveraging on all its differentiating advantages, it will keep on enriching its product and service offering, aiming to be the “Preferred Alternative Supplier” for both households and businesses."